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10 Amazing Resources for Truck Drivers in 2022

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

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The best truck driver websites are resources for truck drivers, industry professionals, analysts, and everyone in the trucking industry. Rig on Wheels driver recruitment agency shares the ten most reliable websites and resources in the following.

10 Top Truck Driver Resources and Websites to Follow

Our Truck Driver Recruiting agency can help eliminate confusion and frustration. We’ve prepared the following list of helpful trucking resources. Whether you’re a new or seasoned truck driver, you can benefit from them.

On January 1, 2000, the Washington, DC-based authority was established within the Department of Transportation under the Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act 1999.

Being one of the most reliable truck driver resources in the US, the FMCSA’s primary mission is to prevent injuries and fatalities involving motor vehicles.

Its activities aim to contribute to the overall safety of drivers and operators with safety regulations and rules, and it targets high-risk carriers and CDL drivers.

This administration also provides industry stakeholders with safety information and improves commercial motor vehicle innovations and technologies. In addition, the administration emphasizes improving operating standards and vehicle equipment.

It works with local enforcement agencies, the Federal State, interest groups in labor and safety, and the entirety of the motor carrier industry.

One of its significant activities is developing rules and standards for testing and issuing licenses to CDL drivers. It's also responsible for collecting and distributing carrier safety data and directing resources to improve motor carrier safety.

The FMCSA also coordinates R&D to improve motor carrier operations safety and commercial vehicles and drivers.

One of the truck driver online resources to check out and follow for new truckers, Trucking Truth's blog, focuses on topics related to the realities of truck drivers and life on the road in general.

The authors themselves have experienced CDL drivers who offer advice and give honest insights on what beginner truckers should know about the industry and profession – good or bad. In addition, they provide straightforward, no-sugar-coating advice, stories, and lessons that new truck drivers should learn.

CDL Life also covers topics about CDL training, offers a truck driving glossary, and provides truck company reviews.

The truck driver resources blog is for all truckers. It covers tips, industry secrets, reviews, advice, and recommendations for owner-operators and drivers to manage their trucking careers better.

With the changing landscape of trucking, Smart Trucking is there to guide you in maneuvering this complex trucking world.

Get good advice, answers, and helpful guides to build a fruitful driving career. Check out this blog for honest and realistic resources for all truckers. One of their useful blogs for truck drivers is this post.

This is a dedicated industry and news website for over-the-road, local and regional drivers and all CDL drivers. It provides updated industry news, traffic, weather information, and missions to improve truck diving life.

The website also offers daily job info, tools, opportunities, and community for truck drivers. It is one of the largest online communities that provide support and guidance to all truck drivers in the USA.

CDL Life focuses on making the lives of truck drivers easier and more comfortable on the road. It offers information on trip planning with GPS navigation, weather, parking, and so many more.

FreightWaves is a leader in supply chain intelligence, with over one million professionals and five hundred global companies and organizations using its intelligence data and analysis to make informed decisions involving current and future operations in the supply chain industry.

The website is industry-recognized as one of the best truck driver resources and logistics. It is a reliable and trusted provider of global supply chain market intelligence. Using its updated and accurate data on capacity, demand, and price, as well as analysis, clients can benchmark, analyze monitor, and forecast trucking's global economy.

FreightWaves offers data and forecast information that lets clients know how other trucking industry developments will affect all stakeholders and the logistics market. It also provides logistics and supply chain professionals with the easiest way of navigating the US freight market.

The Trucking Alliance also called the Alliance for Driver Safety & Security, operates as a nonpartisan coalition of freight and logistics organizations and business partners.

The primary mission of this best truck driver resource is to offer advanced safety reforms that will ultimately limit and, more so, achieve zero truck crash injuries and fatalities. In addition, it's a helpful resource for industry information and news.

Founded in 1978, is one of the truck driver resources and services that industry stakeholders, truck drivers, and operators can rely on for updated industry trends, analytics, and resources.

Established as the Dial-a-Truck load finder service, is the largest truckload freight marketplace in the North American region. It offers help to industry analysts, transportation brokers, news organizations, and carriers, providing them with information on data insights and market trends, with information obtained from 500 million freight matches and a database totaling $137 million in market transactions.

The truck driver resources and tips website is another trusted and reliable platform for information on truck driving – fuel, equipment, fleet management, drivers, and safety, to name a few.

Trucking Info is another helpful resource for truck drivers and people in the trucking industry. Offering news and insights on operations, environmental issues, equipment, regulations, and many more,

The ATA is a federation composed of state trucking association affiliates that exist in all 50 states, representing all the sectors in the industry, agriculture, LTL, livestock, auto haulers, mom-and-pop operations, and large motor carriers.

This truck driver resources website advocates for the trucking and logistics industry. It offers information and guidance on what truck drivers and other professionals need to know about the industry, reporting on changes, regulations, and industry trends.

The comprehensive national trade association offers information on how truckers work together and supports trucking with extensive industry studies.

Not to forget, in our list of best truck websites, Women in Trucking, a non-profit, has been around for more than a decade, focusing on encouraging the employment of female truckers while also addressing obstacles and celebrating their success. It continues to build an online community of female drivers and business professionals that believe in and support its mission.

It is dedicated to female truck drivers, offering employment assistance, encouraging diversity and employment, and addressing the challenges they face in the industry long dominated by men.

Final Words

Resources for truck drivers and industry professionals can help you navigate the ever-changing trucking landscape. By staying updated and informed, you'll make better decisions involving your operations and find better companies for truck driving if you’re a new driver looking for a trucking job. We hope we've shed some light on your quest to find the best resources for trucking. Stay tuned for more at Rig on Wheels.

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