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Recruitment Services

Trucking Companies

  • Are you looking for a reliable recruitment agency for truck drivers? Look no further. 

  • At Rig on Wheels, we provide truck driver recruitment services nationwide. 

  • Using our advanced and proven driver recruitment methods, your company will experience fewer turnovers and more qualified drivers to keep your trucks rolling.

Truck Drivers 

  • Rig on Wheels is dedicated to helping you find the best position that meets your needs as a truck driver. 

  • We specialize in truck driver recruitment services and work with some of the nation’s leading transportation companies. 

  • Feel confident that we have your best interest at heart and will work tirelessly to match you with the perfect company.

Why Choose Us
You might be wondering why you should choose Rig On Wheels Broker and Recruitment Services over other truck driver recruiting companies out there. 

  • As a client, we help you with risk reduction by concentrating on driver retention through your hiring requirements and, most important, company culture.  

  • If you need drivers, we can help. We are a driver recruitment agency specializing in matching companies and drivers. 

For Truck Drivers

  • We know that your job is more than just a trucking gig; it's a lifestyle and the way you take care of your family.  

  • We believe that our drivers are leaders in the logistics industry, and we respect that you expect to be represented as such.

Let's Connect
Contact Rig On Wheels to assist in your truck driver recruiter needs. We offer a variety of recruitment solutions to streamline your hiring process and allow you to make the most informed decisions. Rig On Wheels is committed to reducing your risk by finding reliable drivers and improving your company’s driver retention rates!
Let Rig On Wheels Broker & Recruitment Services help you hire

  • ​Company Drivers                    

  • Lease Purchases

  • Owner Operators 

  • Teams 

Rig on Wheels works with you to recruit the right drivers for your company. Think of us as an extension of your recruiting team, and let's recruit together!
Call us Now!  281-968-3100


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