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5 Strategies for Retaining Truck Drivers

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Retaining truck drivers is a significant concern for the trucking business. Due to the challenging nature of the job, long hours, and extended time spent away from home, it is difficult to recruit and retain skilled truck drivers.

This is a crucial time to focus on truck driver retention, as there is a nationwide CDL driver shortage. Therefore, trucking companies must create an inclusive and equitable environment for all drivers, regardless of race, providing fair wages, benefits, and opportunities for advancement. Additionally, companies should strive to create a culture of diversity and inclusion, which can foster a sense of belonging and loyalty among drivers.

The truck driver retention rate in the United States in 2023 is expected to be a significant issue. With the increasing demand for goods and services, the need for truck drivers is expected to increase significantly. However, many truck drivers are leaving the industry due to the high fuel costs, long hours, low pay, benefits, and other factors.

As a truck driver recruiting agency, Rig On Wheels recognizes the importance of truck driver retention. So here are some steps that answer the question: How do you increase your driving retention?


For a transportation business to be successful, it's important to create a culture of diversity and inclusion. This is because diversity and inclusion go hand in hand with retention. Employers can create a workplace where everyone feels valued and appreciated by fostering an environment of respect and acceptance for all drivers, regardless of their background, experience, or identity. This will help attract and retain drivers, as they will feel that their individual needs and perspectives are respected and considered. Additionally, this leads to drivers feeling respected and included, leading to greater job satisfaction and retention of truck drivers.

This can be accomplished by implementing policies and procedures that promote a sense of belonging and acceptance, such as providing equal opportunities for all drivers and resources for professional development. In addition, creating a secure and encouraging work environment and encouraging open communication can contribute to the development of a strong sense of community among Class A CDL truck drivers. Truck drivers are more likely to stay with the company if a culture of inclusiveness and diversity is fostered.


It's no secret that the trucking industry is one of the most competitive in the United States. And with good reason: with salaries that routinely top $80,000 per year and benefits like retirement plans, healthcare coverage, and paid time off, truck drivers can have difficulty finding a trucking job that provides the same level of perks. As a result, driver turnover rates in the trucking industry are higher than the national average for all industries. But there are ways to recruit and retain top talent in this highly competitive industry.

Competitive salaries and benefits are essential for companies to ensure that they hire CDL drivers and retain them. Companies should strive to offer wages that are competitive with the industry standard, as well as benefits that meet the needs of their employees. Benefits such as health insurance, paid time off, and retirement plans can help to attract and retain drivers. Additionally, providing incentives such as bonuses for safe driving records and on-time deliveries can help to keep drivers motivated. Also, companies can offer bonuses and other rewards for drivers who stay with the company for a certain time. By providing competitive salaries and benefits, companies can ensure that they have a reliable and dedicated workforce that retains them.


truck driver training

Proper training and support and truck driver retention are closely linked, as they help to create a positive work environment. By providing adequate training and support, companies can improve truck driver retention and ensure that drivers stay with the company for the long term.

This includes providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills to do their trucking job safely and efficiently. Training should consist of a thorough understanding of the rules and regulations of the road, as well as the proper use of the truck and its equipment. Drivers who receive adequate training are more likely to stay with their employer for a more extended period, as they feel more confident in their abilities and have a better understanding of the job. Furthermore, when a company invests in the training and development of its drivers, it sends a message that the trucking company values its employees and is committed to their success. This can lead to increased job satisfaction, resulting in higher retention rates.

Additionally, providing a supportive environment for Class A CDL truck drivers can help them feel valued and appreciated. Truck drivers need to feel supported and appreciated to stay in their job, and providing them with the necessary support can help ensure they remain employed for the long term. This can be done by offering regular feedback on their performance and providing them with the resources and support they need to succeed. This support can come in the form of giving them the resources they need to do their jobs, quality equipment such as safety equipment, training, and access to mental health services.

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Another way to ensure truck driver retention is to provide opportunities for advancement. When truck drivers have the opportunity to advance their careers, they are more likely to stay with their current employers. This is because advancement opportunities give drivers a sense of purpose and growth, which can help keep them motivated and engaged in their work, as they have something to strive for and work towards. Furthermore, when a company offers advancement opportunities, it shows that it is willing to invest in its employees' development. This can create a positive workplace culture and loyalty that helps retain drivers in the long term.

Fuel tanker driver

Opportunities for advancement include providing additional training, certifications & endorsements. Adding tanker, hazmat, doubles /triples endorsements, and/or TWIC Card will give the driver endless transportation industry opportunities. This will help the trucking company be more profitable and give the driver a sense of pride that their company was willing to help them increase their skills and knowledge. Companies could also offer promotions or higher-paying truck driving jobs. Additionally, flexible scheduling could help retain drivers looking for more freedom in their work. By providing these CDL job opportunities for advancement, trucking companies can ensure they have the best drivers on their teams.


Providing truck drivers with a work-life balance, such as local trucking jobs, is essential to ensuring their overall well-being. This can be done by offering flexible working hours, allowing for adequate rest periods between shifts, and providing access to mental health resources. Truck drivers should also take breaks often so they have time to rest and relax.

Additionally, providing truck drivers with access to healthy meals and snacks and comfortable sleeping arrangements can help improve their quality of life while on the road. By taking these steps, employers can help truck drivers maintain a healthy work-life balance and stay safe while on the job. This can help reduce burnout and create a healthier work environment, increasing job satisfaction and retention rates.

Rig On Wheels Broker & Recruitment Services, too, views work-life balance as important, resulting in a productive workforce. To know more about this, have a look at WORK-LIFE BALANCE.

Truck driver retention strategies are an essential factor that affects industry success. Therefore, trucking companies must have competitive retention rates to stay profitable. By following the methods mentioned above, trucking companies can create a positive work environment so drivers feel heard and their concerns are addressed, which will help alleviate the driver shortage. As a result, trucking businesses have the assurance that they have a stable truck-driving workforce they can rely on to work with them for a considerable amount of time.

So, make your truck drivers feel valued and see how they add value to your trucking business in return.

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