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Technology Helping Trucking Companies To Increase Driver Retention

Updated: May 31, 2022

Driver Retention

The trucking industry has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years. The rise of e-commerce, economic expansion, and improved demand for goods has contributed to a higher volume of shipments across North America. As a result, more drivers are needed to meet this growing demand.

Driver Shortage

A shortage of drivers puts enormous pressure on trucking companies and carriers alike to fill positions as quickly as possible. Worse yet, once drivers are hired, fleets must concentrate on retaining them.

According to Business Insider, In 2021, the trucking industry was short 80,000 truck drivers, and that number is expected to increase to 160,000 by 2028. The driver shortage has been affecting the industry for years, and it’s only getting worse as more than 4 out of 10 current drivers are ready to retire within the next 10 years.

High truck driver turnover leads to lower operational efficiencies and higher expenses. Additionally, it takes significant time and money to find qualified drivers that meet the requirements necessary to operate a commercial vehicle safely.

Driver Retention

Driver retention plays a significant role in the success of trucking and carrier companies. A high turnover rate harms overall business efficiency. The cost of hiring, training, and driver recruitment can be excessive, not to mention the loss of productivity that results from having empty trucks or drivers who lack experience.

Companies can take steps to boost driver retention by providing competitive pay, flexibility with scheduling and home time, and other benefits. Technology can also play a role in retaining drivers through its ability to help manage various aspects of driver relationships.

Using technology can help streamline processes and reduce driver shortage rates. Let’s take a closer look at how these 9 technologies are helping trucking companies and carriers acquire and retain more drivers:

1. Electronic DOT Applications

The first thing a truck driver has to do before they can drive for a carrier is fill out the DOT application for Employment. This application is the same across all carriers, and it usually takes about an hour to fill out, if it is not electronic. With an electronic application, drivers can fill out their DOT application online and then share it among multiple carriers with one click. In addition, the electronic application saves them from having to call or email around and provide the same info multiple times.

While going through the hiring process, the driver needs to sign many documents. Background check disclosures, drug testing disclosures, policies and procedures agreements, training agreements. The list goes on and on. If they’re filling this out by hand on paper forms at your office, you need to ensure they aren’t losing any pages or messing up any information. Everything is electronic if you have an electronic onboarding platform, so you don’t have to deal with paper forms at all!