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What A Nightmare! Choosing The Wrong Trucking Job

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

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Choosing a trucking company that is not suitable for you might be your worst nightmare. Almost your entire life revolves around your job, and your complete lifestyle is disturbed if you are in the wrong place. Such a situation can have many consequences; you might not get the desired home time, your pay might need to be more for you, or something else.

Also as we all have different choices, and what might be the best trucking company for one truck driver might turn out to be the wrong one for the other.

So, there are many problems that truck drivers might face if they choose a truck driving company that is not meant for them.

This blog post talks about some of the consequences of choosing a company that is not suitable for you and ways to avoid choosing such a company.

1. Home Time:

Some truck drivers like doing an Over the Road Truck Driving Jobs might be fun, but it might be a problem. Getting home after 10-14 days might work better for someone than for others. But, on the other hand, they might have to look out for kids and want more family time. So, if you choose a job whose hours do not match your preference, your work-life balance gets disturbed, and the job becomes a burden.

If you choose a company with the home time that does not match your preference, it will be a problem for you. For example, some might think that being a truck driver means staying out for a long time, but this is not the case because there are trucking jobs home daily for you to have. Some companies have the options you are looking for; you need to do a little more research before applying for a job.

2. Salary:

Another significant issue truck drivers face is that they are not happy with what they are paid. Sometimes, a company's pay might need to meet your expectations. You might expect more from a company, but it may turn out that it offers way less, and it becomes a problem for you to accommodate all your expenses within that amount of money. Also, people might think it is not worth staying on the road and working hard just for the bare minimum pay; if you can hardly make ends meet, staying behind the wheel for days does not make any sense.

So this is another problem that truckers face when they start a job. Not only this, but the salary is also one of the 7 reasons truck drivers leave. So, it is better to choose the right company first than to look for a job again after some time.

3. Freight Policy:

Some companies might have a policy of no-touch freight, while others might require you to load/unload the trailer yourself. In addition, drivers have different preferences when touching the freight; some drivers are ok loading or unloading the trailer on their own, which might not work out for some. So, if you do not want to touch freight at all, driving for such a company will surely be a horrible experience for you because you will have to do everything by yourself.

In these ways, it becomes challenging to do your job, especially when you spend most of the day working. However, there are ways you can avoid this and land your next best trucking job.


1. Have your preferences very clear:

Even in your mind, have your preferences very clear. Just know what you want for yourself and settle for nothing less. Yes, you might have to make some compromises, but understand what is more critical for you and weigh your options accordingly. For example, if you got two job options: one offers you more salary, and the other offers you more home time; ask yourself what is more important to you- the home time or the pay. And let your inner self answer it for you. You have to set your priorities and decide whether you would spend quality time at home with your family every other day at less pay or stay out for a more extended period and get a nicer pay cheque. It is your decision to make, but you need to have your priorities clear and choose accordingly.

2. Avoid making hasty decisions:

We all know that decisions made in haste often could be better. Therefore, when a time comes that you need to choose between two or more alternatives, take your time, look at all the aspects of your life, think wisely and then make a decision. This is because, when you choose a job, you think you will do it after a month and leave the position. But, it is something that you have to do for a longer period of time. So, it is better to consider it before making any hasty decision. If you don’t make the right decision, you might end up wasting your time at a place you do not like, and once you do not want your job, you will not perform at your best.

3. Tell your trucking job agency or recruiter your requirements:

Be very clear when telling your recruiter your requirements and job expectations. Since every driver has different job choices, it might be difficult for a recruiter to guess the right job for you from vague explanations. Therefore, you should tell the person recruiting you everything you want from the job without hesitating. This will help you find your best trucking job and make it easy for the recruiter to filter out job options for you. It is like filtering out your product options while online shopping; the more you talk about your preferences, the more tailored options you get. So, if you need a trucking job that pay $1500 a week, tell them that.

You should also read 3 Steps to Landing Your Ideal Trucking Job for more information on how to avoid choosing the wrong company.

So, drivers think twice before choosing the truck driving company! Do your job research carefully and make a decision that suits you. You do not need to do what every other person is doing. Everyone has a different lifestyle and preferences. Choose what matters the most for you and go for it. In this way, you can ensure that you enjoy your job.

Think wisely and choose a job you desire in the company you like!

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