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Why Hiring a Driver Recruiting Agency Is Best

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

truck driver recruiter

As e-commerce continues to boom and businesses recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an increasing demand to hire truck drivers because more trucks need to be on the road. That is why class A drivers are essential for a trucking business. For this reason, hiring a driver recruiter is equally important to finding a competent truck driver.

1. Truck Driver Recruiting Expertise

Not all truck driver recruiting companies are equal. Hiring an experienced recruitment agency with the expertise and specialization in truck driver recruitment services will give you excellent results.

Rig on Wheels Broker and Recruitment has over 10 years of industry experience. Since 2010, it has helped trucking companies hire new drivers to meet quality and experienced talents with the right qualifications.

Our trucking recruitment service aims to improve driver retention in trucking by helping drivers find their perfect company match. We can offer both trucking carriers and drivers reliable recruiting services with an effective recruiting process in place.

2. Systematic Recruitment

Truck driving companies hiring new drivers find it challenging to look for the best talents with the ongoing shortage of drivers and a more demanding set of qualifications to fulfill the roles.

Recruiting qualified candidates can take much energy and time of your human resource department, from interviewing applicants to background and qualifications check to test job skills. As your success relies on your drivers, these steps should be done thoroughly to find the best talents in your coverage areas.

To get your people working on more critical tasks, such as improving retention and building employee satisfaction strategies, recruitment services like R.O.W. can help. We have an easy and streamlined recruitment process, including an online truck driver application and proven truck driver recruitment methods.

With a recruitment service specializing in recruiting drivers for over-the-road truck driving jobs, you’ll have lower turnovers and higher retention.

3. Legal Compliance

The transportation industry is heavily regulated. Both drivers and trucking companies carry out their legal obligations and responsibilities every day. Small or large companies want to minimize their risk while limiting their liabilities for peace of mind and protection from potential litigation cases.

Working with a recruitment agency for truck drivers will be covered because you’ll be able to work with updated industry experts who can deal with changing regulations.

4. Turnover and Retention

Small freight businesses experienced a 72% churn rate and at least 90% for large fleets in the last quarter of 2020.

This is costly for business, with the turnover cost for a truck driver up to $15,000 and industry-wide a staggering amount of 2.8 billion annually, considering different expenses, such as hiring, onboarding, and new driver training.

Turnover is particularly apparent among early-stage drivers who have been on the job for less than a year. Therefore, it is essential to focus on retention in the recruitment and hiring process.

Employing a driver recruitment agency like R.O.W. may be wiser because we focus on driver retention through hiring based on your truck driver requirements and company culture to match the ideal drivers for your needs.

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