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Embrace the Journey with Faces of the Road™ 2024 Calendar


Discover the heart and soul of America's highways with the Faces of the Road™ 2024 Calendar. This exclusive collection tracks time and celebrates the diverse, hardworking truck drivers who are the nation's backbone. Each month unveils a story of resilience and dedication, making this calendar more than just a date keeper—it's a tribute to the heroes behind the wheel.


Why Faces of the Road™ Stands Out?


  • Diverse Stories, Unified Spirit: Journey from California's sunlit routes to Maine's snow-laden paths. Our calendar captures the essence of truck drivers' varied backgrounds, showcasing their unique stories through vibrant, evocative portraits.
  • Inspirational Journeys: Each image in the Faces of the Road™ calendar is a window into the lives of truckers, highlighting their challenges, aspirations, and the dreams they transport across the country.
  • Premium Quality: Our calendar is printed on high-grade paper, ensuring each photograph pops with life-like detail and color—perfect for collecting or gifting.
  • Supporting Our Heroes: A portion of the proceeds benefits non-profit organizations dedicated to the trucking community, including the African American Woman in Trucking (AAWTA) and the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association (TMSA). Your purchase helps us give back to those who keep America moving.


Ideal for Any Setting


Whether you're in the trucking industry or simply cherish the freedom of the open road, the Faces of the Road™ 2024 calendar is a must-have for your truck, home, or office. Let it serve as a daily reminder of the power and diversity propelling our country forward.


A Gift with Meaning


Looking for a meaningful present for the truck enthusiast in your life? This calendar is more than just a gift; it's an appreciation of American resilience and the spirit of adventure.


How to Order


Join us in celebrating America's trucking community. Ordering your Faces of the Road™ 2024 calendar is simple—click 'Add to Cart' and take advantage of free shipping on orders over $50. Don't miss this limited edition!


Limited Availability


With limited stock available, don't delay in securing your calendar. Embrace the journey and honor the faces that fuel our lives with the Faces of the Road™.


Connect with Us


Become a part of our growing community. Share your adventures on social media using #FacesOfTheRoad2024, and follow us for exclusive updates, behind-the-scenes content, and special offers. Every mile, every story—is significant in the Faces of the Road™ family.


Secure Your Journey Now


Don't let the next mile marker pass you by without securing your Faces of the Road™ 2024 calendar. Celebrate the diversity and beauty of American truck drivers with us all year round.


Faces of the Road™ 2024 Calendar: Celebrate the Diversity of America's Truckers

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