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5 Key Takeaways from the Mid-America Trucking Show 2022


My experience at the Mid-America Trucking Show 2022 was nothing short of incredible. I learned so much, made some great new friends, and walked away with dozens of contacts to follow up on.

I had the chance to speak with many trucking companies about their operations and their challenges. After hearing hundreds of stories from shippers and carriers alike, here are my top five key takeaways from the Mid-America Trucking Show:

1. There's More Competition For Drivers Than Ever Before

The biggest obstacle for many trucking companies is finding enough drivers to fill all of their trucks. Truck drivers are in high demand, which has led companies to offer better pay or other incentives such as paid time off or health benefits to attract more applicants.

The projected shortage of truck drivers by 2030 could exceed 160,000, according to American Trucking Associations (ATA) report. As part of this study, ATA estimates that the industry will need to recruit nearly 1 million new drivers into the industry over the next decade to replace retiring drivers.

As more and more people enter retirement age, companies will have to compete harder for a shrinking pool of talented drivers who possess the necessary qualifications to drive. At the same time, companies are also trying to recruit more women and minorities into what has historically been a male-dominated profession.

How Is Your Company Preparing Itself For This Change?

If you are not prepared for this change, chances are your trucking company will suffer until you find qualified drivers to replace those who have left. Rig On Wheels driver recruitment agency is here to help you find qualified drivers that match your company culture. Reach out to one of our recruiters now by clicking here.

The Reason Why It's Hard For Trucking Companies To Get Drivers?

Not Enough Hometime

Truckers miss out on time at home with their families. Lack of hometime makes it hard for them to stay in the trucking industry long enough to make it worthwhile.

Not Enough Driver Development/ Career Options

Truckers can't see themselves advancing in the trucking industry and making more money over time due to the lack of driver development and not knowing their career path.

Not Respected

Drivers don't feel like they're valued as people or employees. Percy Grant, a veteran driver of 15+ years, stated that he hears drivers called “wheel holders.” The lack of respect makes it hard for them to enjoy their jobs and stay in the field long-term.

Poor Training

It's hard for trucking companies to get qualified drivers because it can be challenging to find people who are qualified and willing to work those long hours on the road. It takes an exceptional person to handle all the hours behind the wheel.

Low Pay And Benefits

Truck driving can be an exciting job and is essential in our society. But unfortunately, many truck drivers feel underpaid, and their companies and the benefits do not measure up! This makes recruiting new drivers all the more difficult because no one wants to take such a low-paying job with no chance of advancement or retirement plans down the road.

There is a miscommunication between the current and potential drivers and the trucking companies. As a result, many companies don't realize a huge pool of untapped talent out there waiting for them to reach out!

On the other hand, most drivers are unsure of their opportunities. They hear stories about less-than-ideal working conditions and long hours away from home, but they're uncertain if this is true for every trucking company or just some.

2. Trucking Companies Are Finding It Increasingly Costly And Time-Consuming To Hire Drivers

The amount of time it takes to train a driver is longer than ever before. In addition, the costs of signing up new drivers are skyrocketing. Between background checks and drug tests, insurance, licensing fees, fuel costs, and increasing wages, hiring a new driver can cost upwards of $15,000 per driver before the employee even sets foot in a truck!

The good news! There is a solution: We're thrilled to announce the release of our new program, Recruit to Retain Training!

This training program is 20 hours long and is geared toward trucking companies that need in-house training for their recruitment and retention of drivers and other staff. It's an all-inclusive course that covers every aspect of employee recruitment and retention, from sourcing job candidates to designing a work environment that makes employees want to stay. In addition, the Recruit to Retain program will preserve cultural, social, and knowledge skills. We know how hard it can be to find and keep great drivers, so we created a program that focuses on that.

3. Driver Retention is Another Hurdle for Trucking Companies

Many trucking companies struggle to retain their truck drivers. When their employees leave, they have to replace them with someone new, which is expensive and time-consuming. They also have to get the new driver acclimated and comfortable with their job, which takes even more effort.

To keep drivers on staff long-term, trucking companies need to find a way to reduce turnover. Some reasons why drivers leave include:

Lack of work-life balance: Truck driving requires many long hours behind the wheel, and drivers sometimes feel they don't get to spend enough time with their families.

Wages: Trucking companies that pay lower wages are more likely to lose employees because workers can find higher-paying jobs elsewhere.

Benefits: Trucking companies might not provide adequate benefits for their employees, making it hard for drivers to find a good health insurance plan or other benefits that suit their needs.

Retirement: If drivers don't have access to retirement plans through their employer, they may be forced into early retirement or unable to continue working due to financial hardships at some point in their careers.

Rig On Wheel offers consultation services to help truck companies retain more drivers and save costs; click here to learn more!

4. Training Is Needed For The Truck Drivers

FASTPORT Executive Director Dave Harrison pointed out that many drivers are in demand. That's why “it's important for trucking companies to wrap their arms around them and make sure they're in a safe, comfortable place to work.”

Trucking companies need to train their drivers to retain them and keep them happy, which will keep the company running smoothly.

One person who knows all about this is Sharae Moore, the She Trucking Foundation CEO, and founder. After realizing the need for better training and education for truck drivers wanting to enter the trucking industry, she started a mission that, within 6 months, had trained over 100 students, helping them get their permits and Class A commercial driver's licenses (CDLs).

5. The Difference Between A Recruitment Agency And A Staffing Agency Wasn't Clear

While both recruiters and staffing agencies aim to find the talent for a given job, there's an important distinction: staffing agencies are typically employing and paying the driver, and the trucking companies manage the driver. Recruitment agencies create marketing and sourcing strategies to attract, source, and hire new talent, but those new hires become employees of the trucking company.

How Rig On Wheel Recruitment process works

Rig On Wheel helps trucking companies get their ideal drivers that match company culture and company requirements. We have professional teams of recruiters globally, and with the help of Intelliapp, we can source and screen our drivers before reaching out to you, saving you time and money.

If you're interested in working with us, feel free to send us an email or give us a call, and we'll be happy to talk more about how we can help!

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