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Rig On Wheels Truck Driver Recruitment Agency Global Recruiting Team

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Global Truck Driver Recruitment Agency

Rig on Wheels is a truck driver recruitment agency based in the U.S., with headquarters in Houston, Texas. We are a global recruiting team with members from Tanzania, India, and the United States.

Rig On Wheels recruitment services is proud to be the first of its kind to expand a truck driver recruitment team to India. As a result, we are now the number one choice for companies looking to find the best truck drivers, and we have made it our business to make sure that trucking companies have access to the top truck drivers.

Rig On Wheels has fulfilled the needs of various business clients with its unique and effective recruitment services. R.O.W specializes in recruiting truck drivers for clients across the USA and provides them with their ideal truck driver candidates for their company. As a result, we have successfully placed thousands of truck drivers at various small, mid, and mega trucking companies.

We help trucking companies fill their trucks by matching them with high-quality truck drivers to encourage truck driver retention. So if you are a truck driver looking for a rewarding career (and more than just a paycheck), or if you own/ operate/ work at a trucking company looking for your next great driver, we can help.

We have over ten years of experience helping trucking companies get the best truck drivers. We understand how important it is for a driver to be able to find a good company and vice versa. We are aware that many drivers are looking for jobs, but not all are qualified or have enough experience. Also, we know that many companies need drivers, and not all of them have enough time to source the best talent on their own. Therefore, we decided to create a truck driver recruitment agency where trucking companies can meet qualified drivers.

Recruiter In India Celebrates Her 1st Anniversary

The Rig On Wheels Global Recruiting Team is thrilled to celebrate Ravneet Kaur's 1st anniversary with us! We call her (Raven Rose).

Rig On Wheels Recruitment Services is incredibly proud to feature Raven, one of our lead recruiters. She received the R.O.W recruiting method, which led her to impact our truck driver recruitment efforts worldwide significantly. She currently supervises a team of recruiters and is on track to becoming the first Director of Driver Recruitment in India for a US-based company.

Raven has grown herself into an incredible talent for our company in just one year. She has a great work ethic, is incredibly focused, and is a proactive thinker, which has helped our global recruitment team grow immensely. We are so excited to see her excel even more next year!

Raven: "I'm so grateful for working with Rig On Wheels. I'm starting my second year, and I'm looking forward to everything ahead. Before Rig On Wheels came along, I was a talent acquisition specialist. So it makes me very happy that I get to use my skills as a senior recruiter at R.O.W. to help trucking companies find the best truck drivers."

How to Make Your Recruitment Agency More Successful by Thinking Globally

The world is getting smaller. Every day, it seems like there is one more continent to visit and one more culture to explore. So with that in mind, take a look at your truck driver recruitment agency and think about how you can make it better by thinking of the world as a whole, rather than just where you live.

One way to do this is to think about how you can connect with more people from around the globe. Of course, this means traveling to new places and meeting new people, but you can also do this online or by email.

Another great way is to be open-minded and respectful of other cultures simply. For example, if your agency is based in America, don't just focus on hiring people who are Americans. Instead, think outside of the box and consider hiring someone from another country; you might find a lot of similarities between cultures and people that you wouldn't have thought existed.

Finally, remember that the world will only get smaller as time goes on! So make sure your recruitment agency is ready for it by opening yourself up to new ideas, cultures, and new faces.

Importance Of Having A Global Truck Driver Recruitment Team

Cultural Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion

Cultural diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential components of any workplace, including truck driver recruitment. A workplace that fosters diversity, equity, and inclusion is where employees can thrive and feel safe to be themselves.

One of the FMCSA Strategic Plan FY 2021- 2023 objectives is to recruit, train, and retain a collaborative, diverse, inclusive, technologically competent, and highly skilled workforce. Robin Hutcheson, Deputy Administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and Martha Threatt, Chief Public Affairs at Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, spoke on promoting diversity and inclusion during a meeting at the Mid-American Trucking Show Truck. Drivers who work in an environment that celebrates their cultural background are more likely to engage with their work. They will also be happier in their job and more productive overall. In addition, drivers who feel their employer values their unique background will feel more connected to the company and perform better on the job.

This means that hiring for diversity and inclusion should be part of every organization’s strategy for recruiting truck drivers. In addition, there are many benefits to having a global team of recruiters for your next open position.

  • They will bring new skill sets, perspectives, and experiences to help you grow your business.

  • They are knowledgeable about the different cultures represented in your company, which means they can communicate effectively with candidates from all backgrounds and build connections with them on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

Rig On Wheels Recruitment Services Cultural Diversity

Rig On Wheel recruits truck drivers from all over the U.S. But those drivers are from all over the world! They come from different backgrounds, and some even come from other countries and live in the U.S. We make sure that we understand diversity, equity, and inclusion —not just for our team members but also for our clients who hire truck drivers.

This matters because, well... let's say that we have a client who has a large female driver fleet. Our recruitment team needs to know and understand the challenges for women in trucking. That knowledge will help in knowing how to recruit female drivers to serve that client’s needs well. On the contrary, if we don't understand cultural diversity, then we might accidentally offend someone or make them uncomfortable when we are trying to hire them. And that would be bad!

That's why it's so important to make sure that we have a team of global recruiters. It ensures that we can serve all of our clients' needs no matter their company culture.

Other Advantages

A global truck driver recruitment team makes it easy for trucking companies to quickly fill positions with qualified truck drivers, no matter where the job is located.

Companies that work with a global team can agree that the number one benefit of doing so is the ability to hire a wider pool of candidates. In addition, time savings: Working with an experienced recruiting agency reduces the time it takes for your company to fill positions and start hiring because the agency has already pre-screened candidates and found ones who meet your needs.

Need Help Growing Your Truck Driver Recruitment Agency?

You have come to the right place. Rig On Wheels Global Recruiting Team is ready to set you and your team up for success. We are a global recruiting agency that offers Global Recruitment Sales Training.

Rig On Wheels Global Recruiting Training is the first-ever training course designed to teach trucking companies and recruitment agencies to expand their recruitment team to India. The training course is specifically designed for recruiting agencies wishing to train the Rig On Wheel (R.O.W.) recruitment method to prepare their global recruiting staff.

The R.O.W recruitment method is an intensive week-long training course. This training is also beneficial for new recruiters that want to expand their recruitment skills and knowledge. During this entire week of the intensive training, recruiters will learn how to source qualified truck drivers and become familiar with several mega carriers.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, our recruiting team is dedicated to making sure that we deliver the truck driver recruitment service we promise. We want to ensure that you get the best driver you want. If you need help or have any questions, please don't hesitate to call our friendly recruiters.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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