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What is Rig On Wheels Thankful For?

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Happy Thanks Giving RIG

Whether we realize it or not, we all have so much to be thankful for. But what is more important is that we must all acknowledge the blessings bestowed upon us and be grateful for them.

Being in the trucking industry for almost 13 years now, Rig on Wheels has seen the journey of growth from starting a third-party truck driver recruiting company in the CEO’s Kameel E. Gaines living room to establishing a global recruitment team that now hires truck drivers for over 40 different truck driving companies. Rig On Wheels (ROW) faced many trials and tribulations that allowed us to gain experience and learn from them. And looking back at the times that have passed, ROW feels exceptionally thankful for all the 13 years of truck driver recruiting have brought.

With Thanksgiving on the way, let us take time to be thankful for the good that has happened to us so far and has made a difference in our lives.

“Give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.” – Brian Tracy.

As a third-party truck driver recruiting agency, Rig on Wheels Broker & Recruitment services has many things to be thankful for; 5 of those are :

1. The global recruiting team:

Recruiting Team RIG

Over the past few years, our Rig On Wheels family has expanded out of the USA, and now we have truck driver recruiters who work from India and Canada too, which is something to be extremely thankful for. People of different cultures working together in unity and functioning as a team makes us feel empowered and helps us work as a truck-driver recruiting company that prioritizes its truck drivers and trucking companies' interests.

Truck driver recruiters from different nations work together to help the company grow. Our recruiters help truck drivers find their best trucking job and stay in touch with them to provide them with all the information they need and answer all their queries.

Meeting with each other virtually daily, our global truck driver recruiting team has become more of a family and works by coordinating without any internal competition or the urge to outplay any of its members.

Moreover, a company’s employees (the Rig On Wheels staff) are the most essential aspect of the company. We are hugely grateful to have such a cooperative staff that shows extreme dedication toward its truck driver recruiting job.

You should also read Rig On Wheels Truck Driver Recruitment Agency Global Recruiting Team to know why Rig on Wheels believes truck driver recruiting agencies can be more successful by thinking globally with diversity, equity, and inclusion.

2. The Truck Drivers:

What is a truck-driving recruiting company with no one to recruit? A truck driving recruiting agency requires truck drivers who would apply for jobs through it. The company is highly thankful to the truck drivers for trusting Rig On Wheels to find them their ideal truck driving job. The truck drivers’ trust and confidence in our recruiters encourage them to perform their tasks with all the devotion and perfection they can. All this, in return, helps the company to grow. Our client base has increased significantly over time due to the truck drivers who trust Rig On Wheels when looking for jobs.

Not only this, it is the truck drivers that keep the country moving, all the goods that reach us have to come by trucks. So, it is the truck drivers due to whom we can get the basic supplies we all need, from groceries to big machines. Without truck drivers, we would not get the essential daily necessities. Without them, we would all be hungry, hospitals would not get their medical supplies, and our mailboxes would be empty because we would receive no more mail or packages. In a nutshell, the United States economy would come to a halt. Therefore, we are more than thankful for all our truck drivers and all that they do.

Happy Truck Driver RIG

3. The trucking companies that contract with us for third-party recruiting services

As a truck driver recruitment agency, Rig on Wheels recruits truck drivers for over 40 different truck driving companies. These truck-driving companies have shown faith in choosing Rig on Wheels as a third-party recruiter. As a result of these companies, our recruiters can source and recruit CDL drivers with different job opportunities and help them land their best trucking job.

4. 13 years of success:

Rig on Wheels is proud to be a Black and Woman-owned company in this male-dominated trucking industry, growing by leaps and bounds over almost 13 years. It was in 2010 that Kameel E. Gaines decided to establish a recruitment agency for truck drivers. Now, Rig On Wheels is about to enter its 13th year; with an increased experience in truck driver recruiting and international recruitment service consulting; it is moving a step ahead each year. The growth that Rig On Wheels has witnessed this year and the years behind as a truck driver recruiting company are enormous.

Being run by a woman so successfully in today’s world proves that a person's willpower and passion for a specific task will help them overcome all the gender and racial biases and change the impossible into possible. Rig On Wheels has overcome all the hurdles by being passionate about truck driver recruiting and staying focused. This, indeed, is a significant achievement! Rig On Wheels is both proud and grateful for all that these years of truck driver recruiting have taught and the years to come.

Not only is the passion, but the result of honest truck driver recruiting services and consulting. Rig On Wheels has been committed to ever since it began its journey as a third-party truck driver recruiting company for truck drivers in search of jobs and started providing the best jobs for new truck drivers.

You can learn more about the passion that Rig on Wheels holds for truck driver recruiting by watching this youtube video: WHO IS RIG ON WHEELS.

5. Partners that allow us to serve the trucking industry:

A company on itself cannot thrive; it needs the help of various other partners to function well. As a truck driver recruiting company, Rig on Wheels has partnered with multiple other companies that help it do all required for the truck driver recruiting business to run successfully.

Our partner Vallon Consulting provides us with compliance services and enables us to divert all our attention toward running the truck driver recruiting company successfully. These compliance experts make our job easier by removing the burden of paperwork and compliance, which in turn helps Rig on Wheels’ small fleet clients focus solely on making money as a trucking carrier.

Cash flow is the most crucial matter for a company to function well. As a result, ROW has two financial partners. ROK Financial and OTR Solutions provide Rig On Wheels’ clients with all funding matters. From short, and long-term equipment financing to factoring services, these financial partners have proven to be the leverage for trucking companies and owner-operator needs.

Our other significant partner in this truck driver recruiting business is African American Women in Trucking; a non-profit organization made up of African American women and women of color in the transportation industry. It has been helping us with transportation affiliates, compliance updates, and other such matters. Also, this growing sisterhood aims to unite and support African American women and women of color in the trucking industry.

Last but not least, RellTech Pro handles our specialized graphic design and most of the social media services. The owner of RellTech Pro, Tarrell Treadwell, understood the assignment, lol. He expresses Rig On Wheels' core values through excellent design and media services from day 1.

All these partners have helped Rig on Wheels in its journey of truck driver recruitment so far, for which we are incredibly thankful and trust that these business relations will continue to work as smoothly and efficiently as they have till now.

So, these are the five main factors that Rig On Wheels is thankful for this 2022 Thanksgiving. All these factors have helped Rig on Wheels dominate as a third-party truck driver recruiting company and become what it is today.

Also, folks! Do not forget to think about all the good things that have happened to you so far and be thankful for them because gratitude for what you have now brings more things to be grateful for in the future.

Happy Thanksgiving From Your Recruiting Family, Rig On Wheels!

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